This book all started with 5 ladies giggling contagiously in the kitchen. They were having so much fun cooking together and exchanging tips that the tiny space seemed about to explode with laughter and chaos. But the food that came out was frigging delicious! Lita, Rose, Jomarcy, Jetky and Carina have been long time friends in Singapore. Having worked for over 30 families between them, they know a thing or two about creating magic in the kitchen! And after that night, seeing 5 ecstatic faces preparing their favourite dishes, the idea of creating a joint cook book came about.

A cook book with dishes to cook for your family and friends. Not for the Christmas dinner, but for an uncomplicated, total treat meal every day. New ideas and inspiration for those who are already skilful in the kitchen as well as means for beginning chefs who want to take their everyday cooking game to a new level.

Family favourites is about the love for food but just as much about friendship and what a gang of positive, fierceful ladies can accomplish together when working hard on something they are passionate about. Lita, Rose, Jomarcy, Jetky and Carina all volunteer at H.O.M.E. Academy on their day off. The Academy trained has trained thousands of fellow domestic workers to become magnificent qualified chefs and bakers. Therefore, part of the net proceeds of this cook book will be donated to the H.O.M.E. Academy. All other proceeds will be a kickstarter investment in the restaurant and cooking school that the authors of this cook book plan to start in the Philippines once they retire from their jobs in Singapore. 

And did we mention we reached out to our favourite chefs in Singapore and received their own favourite family recipes? You find the recipes of BAM!GattopardoChef's Table and PS.Cafe as a bonus in the last chapter.

Thanks for your support and bon appetite!
Lita, Jomarcy, Rose, Jetky and Carina

Special thanks to our guest author Leila Nimah, and food stylists and photographers Trisha Toh and Zara Salahudin for their time, talent and guidance.

A big thank you to the nicest professionals at Photoplates who beautifully printed the 'family favourites' cook book in Singapore. 

Concept & Design by Anouk van der EL of Make History Creative Studio